How to trade properly?

Basics about WoW trading

Many peoples think that it is easy Рto trade good in mmorpg like World of Warcraft, but it is not. Captain Obvious tells that you will receive nothing without hard work. Nowhere, neither in real life, neither in game.  Because you read tactics before the raid? Read guides on your class? Watch movies and preparing to raid. And if you want a real result you must do the same with Trading. You should go deeper, read some thematicall articles and blogs, try various addons, look for additional information on wowhead. If you are not intersted in that, then i suppose trading art is not for you.

Addons for Auction

Many peoples are go past trading part of the game, and that, at my sight, is chained with the difficulty to say the beginning cost of an item. But it is much easier then you think. Just install suck addons like: LilSparky’s Workshop and Auctionator, neither of them are restricted by blizzard, so do not afraid!

Trading post

Next step that we need, we go to the Auction Holder, press a little button with AH initials, and after 10-15 second you will receive 2 numbers – cost of item producing, and middle cost of crafted item. Plus you will get a list of items that in needed to craft that item, and through interface of this addon it is easy to buy them all in 2 clicks.

Look at 2 number, if profit level (for example selling price bigger by 30-60% then crafting price) is high, we start producing that item, or search someone who can do it for us for a small fee.

Small advice from experienced trader

Most of the customers do not look at the name of the trader in Auction, And this is wrong, because you can always beat the price down a little bit. I still remember my first deal, it was about 4 years ago, i have around 600 gold in my pockets and really want an epic gun that cost for 500. I found that trader and even beat price down for a 30%!

Trading post Alliance

You must know your competitors. It is one of the elements to sucsessfull elimination of your enemy. So why you close your eyes on competitors? This is unlogical. You must know who your enemy to defeat him. So find a target, and try to push him down and take his trading throne.

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