The laws of the market and personal greed

The main law is known to all and is formulated very simple – “buy low, sell high.” But when it comes to practice, the aforesaid principle is divided into several tactics income to the person who will be able to use them wisely.

What is a “cheap”?

Scan the auction, and find things that was exposed by low prices (well, you never know, maybe someone urgently need money) and buy them, to immediately put them with a higher price. It would seem like: what could be easier? But this way already have some tricks.

Gold Chest

There is a big difference between things that are exposed really cheap, and those which have low starting price and quite usual buying price. In the second case, everything usually clear – the seller just decided to draw attention to their product, raise it to the top of the list, create a buzz, etc. Less often – just to get rid of
stale object.

Laws of Market

Law of the Market

Whatever it was, there is nothing special to ponder: If the buyout time is short, bet and watch over it. Win those auctions is more than real – I myself once bought a braceres, that was exposed for 150 gold by mistake. And then I sold them for 1500 gold. Anything can happen. By the way, if the auction time – Medium, and this is quite valuable item, then try to catch a moment when it will switch to the Short. So you will know the exact time when the term comes to an end – exactly half an hour. And if your bet was interrupted, then do not rush to interrupt it immediately, wait 29 minutes, and let watch how your opponent will try to beat it with the remaining minute.

In the second case, when autcion and buyout prices are low, it is worth to weigh all the “pros” and “cons.” Of course, if there is not much time on it, then you can make not just profitable, but a very profitable bargain. But you have a chance to miss all the goods, so that in some cases it makes sense to buy it, without waiting for the auction.

Goblin on gold

Finally, remember that cheap – is a relative thing. Ten times think – if this cost is really undervalued? No, I do not argue, at an auction over and over again appears some quite curious proposal, but the low price is often justified by something else other than the error of another player. The most common reasons I will give in future, in the chapter “The obvious and natural,” but now I want to convey the principle – “What if it’s not just like that?”. Ask yourself this question every time it seems to offer amazing advantageous.

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