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AH basics

WTB, WTS – by these screams shopping channel is constantly filled up. Even if you have become a powerful financial boss and control the half of the auction, do not neglect this method to buy or sell anything.

Firstly, by selling hand-to-hand, we do not pay fee to the game. Secondly, it is much faster. Thirdly, it helps to establish the useful contacts.

Even if you already put some items on auction, nobody forbids you to sell it in the general chat. And at the same time, you can try to sell this items higher of its auction cost or lower – depending on the situation. Your product – you trade them as you like.

AH guide

For these transactions use C.O.D. system, which I mentioned earlier. You send out the goods, marking the circle next to the C.O.D. letters, and specify the amount of gold. When a player picks up the goods, he confirms the payment and automatically sends you the money.

Always use C.O.D. with your customers. Cash on Delivery will protect your goods, until customer pay price that you set. Always remember to be grateful and polite. This is not only a rule of politeness, but also a very effective method to acquire a permanent clientele.

If you buying goods with C O D systme, be careful – do not confirm the payment, without looking, what and how much of products were sent.

Permanent clientele. Avoiding taxes, increase profits

Try to find peoples that set goods for auction in a large parties. Try to buy it from them without auction, you will save 5% of cost, and they may become your suppliers. Then you can split these large parties  and sold them in a small parties.

When you succeed in trading, there will be a natural question, where to spend money?

The options may be very different – equipping new characters, the massive purchases of goods for the continuation of business, the development of new professions.

Do not forget about those who around you. Your guild need a good potions for successful completion of the dungeons and raids, because why not do a good thing, especially if you can do it easily?

In addition, you can play for fun, not thinking about where to take the next one hundred gold for the new armor, you can go where you want, buy what you want … And the best part is that all this will be yours totally honest achievement.

Also you can pay with gold for your monthly payment for WoW!

WoW Pay

I wish you to make a lot of gold coins and get a lot of fun in the process.

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