The art of Trading

Why is it important to learn the art of trading?

The study of the gaming system of trade between the players will speed up your game progress. Remember: what is absolutely useless for one, can be a real treasure for the other! In practice, this means that you can get at a great price that is necessary to you from another player if he does not feel a special need for this and is willing to sell for a pittance.

How to increase trade efficiency in online games?

Goblin Trader Gallywix

Trade directly with other players

In the most popular online games you can “sell” the resources or objects back into the game in exchange for a fixed price for the item. Great idea, do you think? No it is not! This game will give you far less than the actual value of what you sell. If you trade directly with another player, you can always negotiate a better price or trade for exactly what you want to receive.

Be patient

Goblin AH

You will not lose anything if your item will stay at your disposal for some time. Wait until other player will buy your product for a good price. You make an offer, and the remaining players choose to accept it or not. Remember: if the other players did not need what you’re selling, they would not buy it at all, so do not just accept for the first available offer!

Use your chat system


Not all players are monitoring trading screen every minute. You can use the great power of game chat and notify all players that you sell something. Thus you can reach a much larger audience than a small group of players who constantly check the trading system. This tactic can be used not only for sale – if you want to buy a particular product, try to do the same. And then, it is likely the one who was too lazy to look at the trading auction, will remember that he has something what you are looking for, and make you an offer!

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