World of Warcraft: Another trading tips

The most active segments of market are, of course, from actual addon and content patch. And in those segment rivalry is strong. If you find that at your segment some unadequates people selling some good, do not despair. You can just swap your segment, or just buying all his good, and then re-sell it on good price. Market is full of not very smart people, but on them we are making our mountains of gold.

World of Warcraft

Various Segment of World of Warcraft market

As an advice try to check segment of new players. Look closely at chants, jewellery and bags from old content. These products are cheap, but they are often bought and demand for them is high.

Draeney on Gold

Do not monitor the market most of the day, or even prime time. That is unnecessary. Firstly, there are add-ons that will help you to collect data on prices and build schedules to make decisions. Secondly, it is not necessary to camper auction for days. If you know about daily cycle then it is very easy to define the strategy of behavior. Before you go to Maine character, I go into crafting character and put the goods on auction, and before going to bed Рcheck items and rearrange. In my practice there was only one (!) Case where Camper made it impossible to trade, because he really was sticking around for a whole day.

WoW gold

All you need to know – what goods are the most relevant right now, and this is not the big secret. Find your trading goods – 5-15 positions in enough to make some tight purse. If you have 2 crafting professions – then that’s will be enough.¬†Take the time to understand what can be traded, look at segment of the market, look at the competition. If the goods in high demand, then place the goods, taking into account the diurnal cycle. The most promising in this regard the profession – Enchant, jewelry and, in part, the enscript.

Recap of my past

I was actively engaged in three or four months after Draenor. During this period I have acquired basic knowledge and skills in this aspect of the game. I liked to rummage at wowhead, read tips of experienced traders, optimize workflows of my crafters, look for unoccupied or inactive, but profitable market segments. And now i like to share my knowledge with you.

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